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2022 Advanced Cyclocross Skills & Training


Presented by Triple C Coaching


Thursday Evenings 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm, September 1, 8, 15, 22

Registration also includes access to "Advanced Cyclocross Skills/Tactics" Zoom, Wednesday, September 7 at 6:00 pm (or via recording).


Thursday, September 29 is make-up day in the event of severe weather cancellation.

LOCATION: At an unnamed MPLS City Park located intersection of Cedar and E. Minnehaha Parkway (1898-1800 E 49th St). Park is west side of Cedar and on Minnehaha Creek. Street parking on E 49th St. and in neighborhood. This park provides ready access to a wealth of technical trails along Minnehaha Creek. 

Who is this for?

Riders who are proficient in all cyclocross basics (off/carry/on, barriers, corners, basic handling) and seek to increase their skills and fitness. All genders welcome.

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Skills Training

This is not just a skills class. Riders should have intermediate to advanced skills and seek to improve their performance/fitness by practicing skills at higher speeds.  

Class mimics the tradition of forest practices that are common in Belgium and the Netherlands. The idea is to gather a group and practice cyclocross at speed. This isn't just hot laps! See sample session below:

Sample Session - Starts and Off/Carry/On Transitions

  • Starts: 

    • Discuss start basics

    • Drill -- Finding the optimum starting gear

    • Partner -- With a partner, race from start to first corner. Stagger start position as needed to make it a fair race.

    • Drill -- Start/Restart (addresses the 2nd sprint effort that occurs after 1st bottleneck)

  • Transitions:

    • Pre-ride mini course and review off-on segments as a group. Discuss and session best off/carry/on approach.

    • Loop the course at 70% effort 3x. Then, loop the course at 70% effort but complete off/carry/on at 90% effort.

    • Loop the course at recovery pace with partner. Race the off/carry/on.

  • Cooldown, go home.

Male riders cornering.JPG

Rider Ability and Physical Difficulty

As above, riders should be proficient in all cyclocross basics, but there is no fitness minimum. Since we are in a small area, you cannot "get dropped" or "hold up" the group. Athletes will participate at their personal speed with awareness and respect for classmates. 

Intensity: Because we will be doing efforts, this isn't as easy as "skills class." However, you are encouraged to adjust your speed according to your training goals for the day. Most efforts will be sub-maximal as we are attempting to practice good technique.

Course Objectives

  • Gain speed in transitions: on/off, carry, over barriers

  • Discuss/practice optimal line choices

  • Work on sprinting. (Cross is but a series of small sprints out of corners, on remounts, etc.)

  • Train with a partner. Practice when to follow, following distance, attacking, and blocking


Clinic Cost: $125 

Pre-Registration ONLY at Bike Reg.

Triple C Clinics are not permitted via USA Cycling. You do NOT need a USA Cycling license to participate.

Clinic is limited to 12 riders in order to provide each athlete with sufficient attention and support to encourage growth.

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Instructor Corey Coogan Cisek has competed in cyclocross since 2007. She is a 2-time National Champion in the Master's Category. She has raced cyclocross professionally in Belgium, including representing the U.S. in over a dozen World Cups. She is a USAC Cycling Level 2 Certified Coach with 10 years experience coaching endurance sports. Her passion is teaching bike skills and cyclocross.

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