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I am a lifetime competitive athlete.

As a child, I was a serious alpine ski racer with Olympic dreams.


As a teen, I transitioned to Nordic skiing and a new Olympic dream. As a post-collegiate competitor, I earned a top-10 national ranking in the sprint and several major ski marathon wins.

I retired from professional/elite Nordic ski racing in 2006 and shortly thereafter, discovered cycling.

I grew serious about cyclocross in 2013, winning Master’s Nationals in 2013 and 2016, as well as earning runner-up in singlespeed in 2017.

From 2017-2018 to present, I have spent winters living in Belgium racing at the UCI/World Cup level, all the while learning as much about cyclocross “in the heartland” as possible.

I started coaching middle school and high school Nordic skiing and track and field while still in college, and added cross-country running after graduation. Early in my cycling career, I coached a junior cycling team (MNJRC), including some personal coaching. In 2013, I set coaching aside for a bit in order to more seriously pursue my own racing.

All told, I’ve coached on and off for 11 years.

Outside of racing and coaching, I worked as a senior project manager for Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), an educational testing company, for 12 years. I left DRC in fall 2018 in order to train full-time for cyclocross. I remain certified as a Professional Project Manager (PMP).

I've also written a book, One Week in March: A Guide for Prospective Collegiate Nordic Skiers, as well as worked as a freelancer in writing and social media.

I started Triple C LLC in spring 2019 to support my cycling and coaching aspirations.

I am a Training Peaks Level 1 Coach.

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