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From Coach Corey: My approach is holistic. I try to prescribe training that fits within your life and that you (usually) enjoy. It doesn’t work to “just” schedule ideal training blocks and send you on your way. I want to get the most out of you within the constraints and challenges of your schedule, work, and personal life. A happy and rested athlete goes faster!

With me, your training will be personalized. If you want a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, I'd direct you to one of the many training plans available on the web! Coaching should be an interactive process with the goal of making YOU your best you. 

I am accessible and engaged. I pride myself on being reachable when questions arise. I review each and every one of your workouts.

I also don’t expect you to be a superior athlete with big goals. If you are, great. However, if you “just” want to run your first 5 km, I’m equally excited to help you through that process. Watching day-to-day improvements, whatever your level, is fun for me.


My primary interests are cyclocross, junior development, women/trans/femme cycling, and coaching beginning endurance athletes. I am happy to coach cyclocross, gravel, road, mountain bike, fat bike, running, and cross-country skiing, as well as all ages and genders. I also enjoy helping triathletes improve the run/bike portion of their race and manage overall training load. 

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As a former junior elite competitor, I am particularly able to support young athletes as they chase their dreams. I know from personal experience just how much pressure young athletes often face. I've been there, done that, and recognize the pleasures and pitfalls. 

When coaching junior athletes, my lens is long term. It’s important to set the foundation for athletic success and enjoyment over the lifetime. Likewise, sport must be balanced with academics, family life, and other sports and hobbies.

Having spent significant time Europe and observed the training and skill development of Belgian and Dutch crossers, I am uniquely suited to coach/mentor U.S. juniors with international aspirations.

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