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Biking in Nature

You've been riding quite a bit this summer, adding up the miles, going further, faster.

Are you thinking of tackling some bigger goals?

Women Road Biking

Discovered or rediscovered the love of cycling this summer?

Gyms are not particularly safe these days and it's summer. The weather doesn't get any better!

Devote some time to your health and wellness and see what you can do.


I am a Minneapolis-based coach, professional cyclist and lifetime athlete. 

My goals are to:

  • Develop your stamina. Ride further and faster.

  • Improve your bike handling and pedaling, so you feel more comfortable.

  • Provide customized workouts that are challenging, efficient, and fun.

  • Give you feedback and encouragement. Fast track your improvement curve.

Online Delivery: Workout instruction is provided remotely via the Training Peaks application.

3-Day/Week Beginner's Schedule starts at $100/month.


Interested? Contact me to set up a free introductory consult.

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